Executive Jobs & Recruitment

Here's why brand director jobs are never done. As the quintessential brand ambassador, the professional is tasked with either maintaining the brand's image, repositioning this image or entirely overhauling pre-existing product personality. Therefore, you can expect a huge year-long demand for such as executive search, in roles such as brand directing and head of marketing.

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A Slice of the Pie 

Of course, these jobs will never be easy as pie. On the contrary, the actual requirements of these roles can be nerve-wracking and close enough to the tensions of working in a high-profile restaurant as a chef. Only, the cuisine in question is the brand itself which requires utmost creativity, professionalism, and tenacity to keep sailing in the turbulent seas of brand marketing.

At the same time, these jobs require not only the best presentation skills. The applicant must be able to walk the talk, think on his or her feet, and of course, dress to the nines. Well, not in a ball or nightgown, but in a sleek dress suit. Such attire should be nothing short of a barrister or a real estate agent in full regalia.

The Proof Is in the Dressing

One must definitely dress to impress when applying for the job, but a powerful, catchy and substantial resume is often the best means to put one's foot in the door in the absence of an influential contact or reference. Just remember that recruiters skim through a thousand resumes a day as part of their job. So putting yourself in their shoes is essential to get considered for the position so advertised.

If you don't get the job on the first, third or nth try, take heart. There's no need to sulk. Perseverance is absolutely essential in this field.

The same can be said for the role of chance in the extremely challenging professional avenue. You just never know when you can get lucky. Chances are, the top honchos of an established multinational outfit may be tired of looking for the same type of person and have become willing to test the waters for that unique applicant who can well be yourself.

Pssst...Recruiters Are Humans, Too

So if you can't think of a marketing gimmick to get that much-cherished role in marketing and advertising, apply as fast as you can for the position the very moment it comes out. For if you can get yourself in the top ten list of resumes submitted, you will have more chances than the rest. Remember, recruiters are humans and just like you and me--will tend to choose the path of least resistance to get their job done.